What are lung health checks?

The Targeted Lung Health Check programme is being offered to people in south east London between the ages of 55 to 74 who are current or former smokers and are at a greater risk of lung cancer. Those eligible will be sent a letter to invite them for a lung health check.

A lung health check finds out how well a person's lungs are working and hopes to identify problems early. Most of the time nothing is found, but if an issue with a person's breathing or lungs is identified early, treatment could be simpler and more successful.

The way a check is carried out is through an initial conversation with a health professional, and if needed, a simple scan which can spot the early warning signs of potential diseases and cancers. 

This programme is being piloted in Southwark and Greenwich, working with all three hospital trusts in south east London. We will be extending out to other areas of south east London so keep an eye on our social media pages to find out when we will be in your local area.

  • It is a free service.
  • Your initial assessment takes place over the phone at a time that is convenient for you.
  • If you need it, the scan of your lungs will take place in a local community setting.
  • A pre-loaded TFL Oyster card will be made available if you are invited for a scan.
  • You can talk through any questions you may have with a healthcare professional.
  • There is advice on how to quit smoking if you would like it.

Please find below the participating GP practices in Greenwich, Lambeth and Southwark. 



Abbey Wood Surgery

Albion Street Group Practice

All Saints Medical Centre

Bermondsey Spa Medical Practice

At Medics

Borough Medical Centre

Bannockburn Surgery

Blackfriars Medical Practice

Basildon Road Surgery

East Street Surgery

Blackheath Standard Surgery

Falmouth Road Practice

Burney Street Practice

Maddock Way Surgery

Clover Health Centre

New Mill Street Surgery

Conway PMS

Nexus Health Group

Dr Mostafa PMS

Old Kent Road Surgery

Elmstead Medical Clinic

Park Medical Centre

Eltham Medical Practice

Penrose Surgery

Eltham Palace PMS

Silverlock Medical Centre

Everest Health Partnership

Southwark Care Homes Practice

Fairfield PMS

Trafalgar Surgery

Gallions Reach Health Centre

Villa Street Medical Practice

Glyndon Medical Centre


Greenwich Peninsula Practice

Akerman Medical Practice

Manor Brook Medical Centre

Brixton Hill GP

New Eltham and Blackfen Medical Centre Brockwell Park Surgery

Plumbridge Medical Centre

Herne Hill GP

Plumstead Medical Centre

Knights Hill Surgery

Primecare PMS (South Street)

Lambeth Healthcare Practice

Royal Arsenal Medical Centre

Minet Green Health Practice

St Mark's Medical Centre

Northwood Group Practice

Triveni PMS

Paxton Green Surgery

Valentine Health Partnership

The Corner Surgery

Vanbrugh Group Practice

The Deerbrook Surgery

Waverley Practice

The Old Diary Health Centre

Woodlands Surgery

Vassall Medical Centre


Please see below for details on our mobile unit location in Lambeth, Southwark and Greenwich.

Asda - Old Kent Road,Southwark

Address: 464 - 504 Old Kent Rd, London SE1 5AGasda3.png

Getting there: The mobile unit is located in the car park. 

  • By bus: bus stops and routes near Asda Superstore:
  • Malt Street (Stop EN) - 21, 53, 78, 172, 453
  • Malt Street (Stop WH) - 21, 53, 78, 172, 453

  • By tube: The unit is a 13 minute bus ride from Elephant & Castle station (53, 172, 453), a 14 minute bus ride from Borough station (21) and a 23 minute walk from Bermondsey station. 
  • By train: The unit is a 15 minute walk from South Bermondsey station.
  • By car: There is free parking on site.
  • Directions via Asda website

Park Row Car Park, Greenwich 

Address: Park Row, London SE10 9NL

Getting there: The mobile unit is located in the car park.

  • By bus: bus stop and routes near Park Row:
  • Trafalgar Estate (Stop T) - 129, 177, 188,  286, 386 and N1. 
  • National Maritime Museum (Stop F) - 129, 177, 180, 188, 286, 386 and N1.
  • By tube: The unit is a 14 minute bus ride from North Greenwich underground station (188 and 422). 
  • By train: The nearest rail stations are Greenwich and Maze Hill. Direct trains run to these stations from London Cannon Street and London Bridge. 
  • By car: Please note that parking charges apply. Visit the Royal Borough of Greenwich website for more information. 



Sainsbury's Dulwich Superstore, Lambeth

Address: 80 Dog Kennel Hill, London SE22 8BB

Getting there: The mobile unit is located in the car park. 

  • By bus: bus stops and routes near Sainsbury's Superstore:
  • Quorn Road (Stop L) - 40, 42, 176, 185, 484, P13 
  • East Dulwich Station (Stop D) - 40, 42, 176, 185, 484, P13
  • Champion Hill (Stop F) - 40, 176, 188, 484

  • By train: The unit is a 5 minute walk from East Dulwich station.
  • By car: There is free parking on site.
  • Directions via Sainsbury's Dulwich Superstore (sainsburys.co.uk)

Lambeth .PNG


The Targeted Lung Health Check takes place in two steps:

  1. A phone call with a specially trained health professional to assess your lung health.
  2. If it is deemed necessary, you will be invited for a simple scan of your lungs using a low dose CT scanner. The scan will help identify any issues early, before symptoms occur, and when there are more treatment options available. 

A health professional asks questions about your breathing, lifestyle, family, height, weight and medical history. 

There are three possible results from your lung health check:

  • No problems found – The nurse may find nothing further to investigate and you will not need a lung scan. We will write to your GP to tell them this.

  • Referral to your GP – If problems with your breathing or lungs are found but you do not require a scan, the health professional may refer you on to your GP or another specialist. We will write to your GP so they know about the appointment.

  • Offered a scan of your lungs – If you have a higher chance of developing lung cancer now or in the future you will be offered a lung scan to check if your lungs are in working order. The health professional will help you to choose whether the scan is right for you.

Your lung scan appointment will take place on a mobile unit, which means it can be parked in the community and ensures it is easy to get to.

Your appointment should last approximately 30 minutes and you’ll have a chance to ask the nurse any questions that may be concerning you.

The scan itself uses a low-dose CT scanner to take a detailed picture of your lungs from different angles. If your scan results come back with signs of anything concerning, you’ll be contacted with further information and referred for further tests and treatment.

Should anything be identified either during the discussion with a nurse or during the CT scan you will be contacted by telephone or letter with the next steps. If you have any worries about this you can speak to a nurse in the booking team.

You will get your results from us within four weeks. There are four possible results:

  • No problems found. This means we saw no signs of lung cancer, or other problems,on the scan. We will write to you with the results and ask you to come back for another scan in two years. However, it is still possible that lung cancer could develop between scans or that the scan may have missed it. If you notice anything that is not normal for you before your next scan, tell your doctor.
  • Second scan needed. This usually means there is something on the scan which is hard to identify. It is probably something harmless, but because it could be more serious we will ask you to come for another scan in around three months, just to check.
  • Further tests needed. This means we've seen something on the scan and you need further tests, which could include a biopsy. We will call you and write to the hospital so you can be seen by a doctor toinvestigate further.
  • Another problem found. This means there is no sign of lung cancer but there are signs of other problems on the scan that may need treatment or medical advice. We will write to you and your GP.

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