Targeted Lung Health Check

Targeted lung health checks in Greenwich and Southwark

The Targeted Lung Health Check programme is a  national NHS pilot that is being trialled in Southwark and Greenwich. It is being offered to 55 to 74 year olds who have ever smoked. People in this group are at greater risk of developing lung cancer, so a lung health check helps us spot early signs of cancer when it is more treatable.

Following an initial conversation with a healthcare professional and, if needed, a simple scan of your lungs, the lung health check can help spot the early warning signs of potential diseases and cancers.

How to book your appointment

If eligible, you will receive a letter from your local NHS service inviting you to make a lung health check appointment. Please ring the number on the letter to make an appointment. Have the reference number from the letter at hand, as you will be asked to supply this along with your details.

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