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Pauline's story

Former smoker Pauline, who lives in Greenwich, booked a telephone appointment after receiving her letter and was then invited for a lung scan. Pauline has described her experience of receiving the vital new health check and said: “I was petrified about having a scan but when I arrived at the community van, the nurses were friendly and immediately put me at ease.

Pauline continued: “During the scan, I was able to have a pillow underneath my health and a foam cushion under my knees. I’d do it again.”

The 73 year old added: “As a former smoker, I was grateful for the chance to receive this check because if there is anything, it can get sorted out.”

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Pauline is encouraging others who have received a letter to book their appointment. She said: “Think of who is important to you and think about being around for them. If there is anything wrong, the doctors can pick up on it and sort it, so you will still be around for your loved ones."

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